Skin Conditions

We treat all kinds of skin conditions, and our treatments are gentle and effective.

Here we present the common categories of skin conditions we see in our clinic.

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Skin hyperpigmentation can be caused by many factors, and the causes vary according to skin type and genetics. The common causes would include sun exposure and hormones. The good news is that most hyperpigmentation can be corrected with the right diagnosis, right treatment and medical products. Often, laser treatments may not be the first line for most pigment problems. And believe it or not, some pigments can be corrected with the correct advice and correct topical creams! Don’t let this become a long-term problem. Look at the photos on the right. If you have a similar condition, talk to us to find out more!

Pimples / Acne

Pimples, medically known as acne vulgaris, are inflammatory chronic inflammation of the follicle-matrix unit of the skin. This unit includes the hair bulb, its related sebaceous glands, and the pilosebaceous units. Although the exact mechanism is not well understood, acne is believed to occur due to various contributory factors such as genes, hormones, acne bacteria, blockage of the hair follicles, and activation of innate immune mediators.Do you wake up with the regret of not treating your acne? Or are you too embarrassed to go out in public because of it? Then our acne treatment is for you! Contact us to find out more!

Large Pores

Pores are small openings in the skin, and they allow our sweat and oil glands to release sebum and sweat onto the surface of the skin. Pores can be seen at all ages and often looks bigger with age due to loss of skin elasticity and accumulated sun damage. Some people have naturally enlarged or clogged pores due to genetics (certain ethnic groups may have large pore sizes) or oily skin.

The use of comedogenic products can also cause enlarged pores!

There are many ways of treating pores problems. Say goodbye to clogged pores; talk to us to find out more!


We have wrinkles on our faces because of the sun and years of laughter. Prevention is the best cure, but when wrinkles get deep into your skin, there are treatments such as Botox injections to make them disappear temporarily. Don’t wait till the creases are hard to remove! Get rid of them with our range of Botox for wrinkles. Our Botox treatments are safe, precise, and effective for those pesky lines. Talk to us to find out more!